1942 international
This was our first fire engine that also carried the 1942 Desoto Hale pump on it.
1962 GMC
Our retired 2nd engine the fire company owned. This unit is still housed at our station. It has a 500 GPM Hale pump mounted to a 1942 Desoto army surplus engine and can carry 800 gallons of water
2014 International / KME
Our first out engine. This unit replaced our aging 1983 HAHN It has a 1250 pump and carries 800 gallons of water and 30 gallons of foam concentrate. This unit is 4 wheel drive and is equipped with a front mount turret with pump and roll capabilities and rescue tools.
2812 RET
1983 Hahn
This is retired/sold 1st out engine. It has a 1250 GPM pump and 750 gallons of water
2001 Freightliner/Central States
Our 2nd out Tanker/Pumper. It has a 1250 pump and carries 2000 gallons of water. Also a 1st out daytime unit because of carrying extra water
1990 White/GMC
Our tanker. It carries 3000 gallons of water and has a 1250 GPM pump. This truck was previously owned by the Lower Milford fire company.
2009 Ford
Our Squad truck. It is primarily used for EMS assist calls, it also carries spill control and overhaul equipment.
2006 Ford
Our Fire Police truck. This unit is used as a traffic control unit, also as a second squad.
1986 Chevrolet
This is our brush truck. It is an army surplus vehicle we received from the state DCNR. It features a 250 GPM pump and 300 gallons of water
1966 Willys spill trailer
This unit contains all our spill material such as speedi dri, oil absorbent booms and pigs. It responded to its first call November of 2012 a month after we put it in service when a diesel tanker got hit by a car on Buckeye rd.

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